Friday, February 8, 2008

Crumbs from the Energy News Digest for February 8, 2008

The energy news digest is doing a utility system tour today. As not to leave you in the lurch, here are a few stories to tide you over until Monday:

Studies deem biofuels a greenhouse threat

Everett mill fined $235,000 for slow-burning fire – Kimberly-Clark allowed a pile of wood chips to smolder for six months, the state says “…Kimberly-Clark burns wood chips -- also known as hog fuel -- to generate steam used to make electricity. It uses the electricity to make paper products and sells some to Snohomish County PUD…”

Rally pumps up numbers against Oregon LNG terminals – Foes say the plans would continue Oregon's dependence on imported fuel

Oregon farmers float aquifer idea to quench their thirst – A coalition backs winter draws from the Columbia River to replenish Umatilla basin aquifers

Seattle Times editorial columnist – If you love Puget Sound, you'll help clean it up

Douglas County PUD prepares network for cable TV service

Seattle taps its inner Silicon Valley

Three undersea cables seen fixed by weekend

Scientists make unique knee-brace power generator