Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hot Shots Edition - Energy News Digest for October 7, 2014

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Hot Shots – Today’s Top Stories

Pacific Gas & Electric ‘Self-Reports’ More Suspect Emails to Utilities Commission Officials (Sacramento Business Journal, CA)

California Drought: Why Less Water Equals Less Power (Christian Science Monitor)

Kieran Connolly Named Bonneville Power Administration Vice President of Generation & Asset Management (Bonneville Power Administration)

Water Chilled to Save California Fish - Coolers First at a Federal Hatchery (Associated Press)

Hood Canal Beaches Closed from Dabob to Mason County Because of High Levels of Toxin (Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles, WA)

British Columbia: Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run Underway North of Kamloops (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

West Coast Fisher Proposed for Endangered Species Protection (Northwest Public Radio)

Snowy Plover Making a Comeback on Pacific Coast (Associated Press)

Shelton among Three School Districts to Share $10 Million Grant (KMAS Radio, Shelton, WA)

The Big & Booming Business of Keeping Wind Turbines Spinning (Renewable Energy World)

Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse Will Create a ‘Blood Moon’ (KGW-TV, Portland, OR)

Seattle Renames Columbus Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Associated Press)

Links & Paywall Advisory

All the links in today’s news digest lead to current stories. Please note that some media organizations update their web sites regularly, which may result in broken links in the future.

Note that as some newspapers migrate to a “paywall” system of access, some articles may not be available without forking over some cold hard credit card cash. However, some sites will allow a certain number of story accesses per month before holding out their hand. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.